LAH Redux

Wed, Jun 3, 2009

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Action Fans!  The new web site of the Last Action Heroes is here.  We were pleased with our old site, but felt we could do a better job.  Now, you have the action world at your fingertips.

To the right is a large bloody graphic that screams “Blood Bank” and is your source for finding out how many kills and beatdowns were in your favorite action movie.  Constantly updated, the Blood Bank will be expanding as we pull stats from old columns and input new stats from movies just hitting the theaters or discount bins.

Below the Blood Bank graphic is an Action Movie of the Week.  We all know YouTube is the home of stunts gone wrong, Avril Lavigne music videos and that Charlie kid who bites his brother, but it’s also a treasure trove of amazingly bad action clips and by amazingly bad we mean uneblievable awesome.  Check there each week for a new gem.

Then we have Action, etc., which is simply a small area where we can input observations, updates to the Blood Bank or whatever else is on our mind.  It could be a reminder to check your local discount bins for the new Seagal flick or to let you know that we determined just how many people Chuck Norris killed in the second Delta Force.

The last item on the sidebar is a mishmash of all kinds of things.  Find our most popular articles, which happen to be the ones most commented on, most recent comments, all featured columns and our most used tags.

Finally, in our menu you will see many of the same items you saw in the old web site.  New to the menu are items like “Our Ratings” and “Action Guide.”  The ratings page will tell you just what we mean when we give a movie three Jean Claude Van Dammes or two Jason Stathams and two Brendan Frasers.  Some of the floating heads are good while others signify all that is wrong with the genre and sometimes humanity.

The action guide will be a guide to the action genre in general.  Find definitions to some of the terms we commonly use in our reviews, how we tally kills and beatdowns for the Blood Bank, the action laws that define the genre and a lot more.

Not all of these menu items are complete yet, but they will be shortly.  If you run into any problems here, please let us know and we will tackle them like a Seagal fist to the balls.  Or if you find a video that you might like featured in our Action Video of the Week, please let us know.  We hope that new web site improves your experience.


3 Responses to “LAH Redux”

  1. Get 2 Tha Choppa Says:

    Who knew that Con-Air was such a violent movie?


  2. admin Says:

    We didn’t, but it reigned supreme in the beatdown category, but I don’t think anyone will be crying foul considering all the beatdowns happened to rapists, murderers and the scum of the earth. Then again, nobody ever cries foul about anything.


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